Sunday, October 4, 2015

Confetti Halloween- Haunted House printable treat box

LD is giving away their Confetti Halloween - Haunted House printable treat box this weekend. The download includes the treat box in .png and .pdf format. You can use the .png files with your Silhouette Studio software to do a print-and-cut but I used the .pdf files as I thought it was easier- just print and hand-cut.

If you have not grabbed your freebie, just click HERE to get it.


  1. i noticed a processing fee and no more paypal as a payment option.. :( I was going to buy something but didn't have my credit card handy (feeling a little lazy) so i just bought the freebie. Did i miss something about them dropping Paypal as a payment option? bummer....

    1. Regarding the processing fee, this is what they posted on their FB page: "we switched to a new payment processing center, because we had too many issues with the old one and that is a fee they charge. Sorry about that".

      They also mentioned that Paypal is temporarily unavailable and that they "...switched payment companies, and have to reapply. Should be back up by next week."

      Hope that helps. :)

    2. i'll be happy when paypal is back. I usually make my purchases when i'm getting ready to go to bed and i typically don't keep my wallet on my night stand. I'm a tad bit lazy, just a bit. :) Thanks for the info!