Monday, January 28, 2013

HURRY! 1-day only coupon code for LD!

Look who's featured on the LD Facebook page? Yours truly! Wheeeeee.....

For 1-day only, use the code "ManicLove" to take $10 off a minimum purchase of $20. That's 50% off if you use the code on a $20 cart! LD's Valentine designs are currently on sale for $1-$2. You can even use the coupon to sweeten the deal and get yourself some crazy good offer on their awesome files!

The coupon will expire tomorrow night. CLICK HERE to start shopping.


  1. thanks for sharing. I get so frustrated since I cannot just purchase right in there. :(

  2. Jin, can you please tell me the difference between a font and alphabet on LD? I have a Cameo and want to be able cut more titles. Thanks

    desaucier at bellsouth dot net

    1. An alphabet is a graphic and has no cutting lines. You will have to trace it. A font already has the cutting path.