Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Jin's Favorite Lettering Delights CUT ITS for 2012

It's been a while since I've done a Top Ten Personal Favorites list. This one is especially for those of you who are new to Lettering Delights and who are still unsure of what to buy during their fabulous Cut Its sale.

Baby Got Backpack Cut It
There are so many cuttable files on the LD site and to be honest, I had a lot of trouble trimming down my list to only 10. I love them all! Seriously. I have been using LD's cutting files since their very first SVG and I've seen how they have improved their files so that they cut and layer more easily. LD had previously designed many cartridges for the Cricut and I love how they have used their experience to create even better cuttable products.

Happily Ever After Cut It
I am listing here some of my favorite Cut Its for 2012. The list will include only Cut Its that were released by LD in 2012. When selecting the files for this list, besides the "cute factor", I also took into consideration the ease of use. Knowing that many of us do not have the time to play with the teeny tiny bits of layers, I took into account how easily the designs cut and layer. While most of LD's cuttables are easy to use, there are some that have quite a few layers and will take more time to put together. I am a stay-at-home mom with 3 kids under 10 years old plus 1 messy husband so I try to use files that are easy to cut and assemble.

Rootin Tootin Cowboy didn't make the Top Ten but I really do like it a lot.

And so with that if you're ready, here we go:

Jin's Favorite Cut Its 2012:
(listed in no particular order of preference)

1. Season's Tweetings
2. Little Ho-Ho-Ho-ligans Accents (Great for labels and tags. Think print-and-cut!)
3. Create-A-Face (too fun!)
4. Baby Got Backpack
5. Happily Ever After
6. Slumber Party
7. Bleu Basil (great for vinyl)
8. Peep Squeakers
9. Nancy's Party/Nancy's Buddies
10. Bugaboo Projects
I know, I know, there are technically 11 sets in the list but how can you pick Nancy's Party over Nancy's Buddies and vice versa? They were designed by Nancy Kubo! Yes, the same Nancy who designed the Create-A-Critter (CAC1 and CAC2) cartridges. In fact, I highly recommend all her cutting files and graphics. I *heart* everything that she makes! You can find her designs HERE.

You may have noticed that I didn't include any of the 2012 Simple Shapes or the Stringbeans. That's because there are so many of them that if I had added them, they would have taken up all the ten spots and then some. Besides, they are a better deal when you get them in their bundle. With the Cut It Sale, the Simple Shapes Super Plus Bundle is only $41.40 for the 50-set bundle or less than 83 cents per set while the Stringbeans are $33 (with coupon) for the 38-set bundle or less than 87cents a set!

For those of you who have never bought a LD Cut It before, here are a few more that are pretty much must-haves in my book. I love these and I seem to want to use them all the time. Please note that some of the files listed below include only the SVG format. This is because when LD first started selling cutting files, they only offered the SVG format. The Cut Its (include AI, EPS, DXF, GSD, SVG, PDF) were only introduced later on.

Weather Girl SVG
Jin's Favorite Cut Its (for files released in 2011, 2010):
(listed in no particular order of preference)

1. Simple Shapes 2011 (less than 83 cents a set if you buy the 50-set bundle and use the HoDown coupon!)
2. Nancy Happy Holiday
3. Christmas Express
4. Peppermint Holiday Expressions
5. Food Fun Pop Up Cards
6. Feels Like Autumn
7. Goldilocks Finger Puppets
8. Red Riding Hood Finger Puppets
9. Three Pigs Finger Puppets
10. Chicken Fat Alley Cat (fun and quirky)
11. Something Fishy SVG
12. Bento Box SVG
13. Any of the Photobooth SVGs (Lip Smackers, Mustache Mania, Funny Face, Spectator Specs, Hats off to You, Holiday Hats)
14. Oishii SVG
15. Sweet Nothings SVG
16. Animal Boxes and Bags SVG
17. Weather Girl SVG
18. Dear Tooth Fairy (a must-have if you have little ones with loose teeth. *wink* )
19. Any or all of the boxes 
20. Merci Bear Coup (love the Eiffel Tower, the telephone, the bears, everything!)

Something Fishy SVG
I hope this list helps. To see what Cut Its the other LD fans recommend, just click here to join us on my Facebook Page. I am giving away a $5 LD gift certificate over at Facebook and if you add a comment to tell us what is your favorite Cut It or SVG, you will be entered in the giveaway. Please only post in the Facebook giveaway thread dated today, Nov 27.

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  1. I had a really hard time coming up with just 10 myself. I went back to see how many I had and wanted to print; LD store said it would take a while; I had over 3000 images - do I need more? Maybe... ha!


    Carmen L

    1. Hahaha! Too funny, Carmen! :D

      Lots of Hugs back to you. :-)