Tuesday, April 26, 2011

LD shopping cart and IE 9

I've received several queries about this that I thought I might as well put up a post on it. ;) If you are using IE9 and are having trouble shopping on the Lettering Delights website, try this:

On the Address Bar, click on the grey broken document icon. It will change to blue. Try adding the file to your cart again. It should work now.

Click on this broken doc icon to change it to blue.
Once the icon turns blue, try adding the item to your LD cart again.

There are only 3 more days left before Dollar Days is over and the $2 SVGs goes back to full price. Click here to go to the Lettering Delights website before the sale ends on Thursday.


  1. I don't have this broken doc icon. I have the magnifier, a down arrow, a refresh and an X but I still can't add anything to my cart. :-(

  2. I have the same problem as OmaGloria! No broken doc icon and no idea how to get it???

  3. Alternatively you can try using Firefox. :)

  4. I just updated to 9, and I don't have a broken doc icon either. I'm really frustrated that I may miss out on the great LD freebie because of IE. Hope it gets fixed

  5. have same--no broken doc icon. have added both http://www. & https://secure. to trusted sites list but this doesn't help either. not sure where to go from here...

  6. i forgot to mention that i can add each individual item to my cart but then it also charges me the current price listed. i do have a problem when i uncheck an item in my cart, it doesn't remove it.

    oh my computers [applications]--gotta love-hate thing going with them all the time.