Thursday, April 14, 2011

Friday Reader Spotlight! Projects made with the Gazelle

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Today's Friday Reader Spotlight is featuring work done with the Gazelle cutter. 

First up is a Heat Transfer Vinyl project by Susan Chong. I LOVE that she used a silhouette of her kids to do this! This is what Susan says about her work,  

"Here is a project I made with my Gazelle and MTC. It is a silhouette of my kids from one of my favorite pics! :) I did the pixel trace in MTC and cut with MTC. I cut it out of Heat Transfer Vinyl with the vinyl blade."

Next up is a stunning card by Alicia Kittrell. Alicia says,  

"This was a Bday card for my dear Goddaughter, Mimi. Made with My Gazelle, MTC and funtime."

Check out the details on these cards.  pigtailpat from the MTC forum made them and she says,  

"This was done in funtime with my gazelle, it was my most complicated cut I ever attempted on a card that was only the standard 4.25 x 5.5. I did this last December, 2010."

Becki Wagner is a new owner of the Gazelle and even though she has only started using her cutter a week ago, she has already made two super cute cards with it!

Becki says,

"Here are two cards I made with my new Gazelle.  The No Rhyme one is 5x5, I know it is a little busy but I wanted to try smaller cuts. Some did great at the smaller size, some didn't.  I was amazed at the hands but the faces didn't fare so well.  So I used a gel pen and they came out looking terrible.  Maybe at a bigger size it would have been fine. "

"Next card I thought I would try your milk one in lowfat (hence, why it is purple O_o).  I like how it turned out but I noticed the mouth is a little off.  Not perfect as I was expecting.  Going to play a little more with settings and see if I can improve it. "

Thank you so much, Susan, Alicia, pigtailpat, and Becki, for sharing your work with us today and showing us what can be done with the Gazelle cutter. :-)


If you have a card or project that you would like me to feature on the Friday Reader Spotlight, just email it to jin at underacherrytree dot com (please replace the "at" with "@" and  the "dot" with "." ) or just post it to my blog's facebook page. Everyone who has contributed to the month's FRS will have their name entered in a drawing for a $10 Lettering Delights' gift certificate. The winner will be picked by at the end of the month.


  1. Love all th projects...thanks so much ladies for sharing.

  2. Creative ladies thanks for sharing. Hats off to Susan Chong I'm still not brave enough to venture from paper...LOL

  3. Thank you so much for the "spotlight"! I can't wait to get back to my Gazzy and experiment some more. My poor laptop is at the "Dr." and I should get it back on Monday! :) Love all of the projects and can't wait to play some more!!
    Susan Chong