Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gale's Penguin Card

Wow! Look what my friend, Gale has made! Check out the penguin card she put together after following my MTC note-card tutorial.

Isn't that the cutest penguin ever? I thought that it was super clever to chalk in the cheeks instead of gluing down the pink layers. You're so Smarty Pants, Gale! :-D

You have to see how she placed the paper on the mat so that she could get ALL the cuts in one pass. ONE Pass! For the whole card! How cool is that? Now go check out Gale's blog at: Stamps-and-Stitches.com and come back to my tutorial so you can make a note card too. :-)


  1. Very Very Cute,

    Gayles Blogy is fantastic also,
    Her quilting is wonderful, my other favorite thing to do!

  2. Hey Jin. What a wonderful card. I went to Gayle's blog but no mention of which graphic set this penguin is from. Do you happen to know? Thanks for the help!

  3. What an adorable penguin! I love the chalked cheeks too - great idea!

  4. Cute!! I became a follower of Gayle's blog..oh my I love all her fabric!!

  5. Thanks for posting my card, Jin! :) The LD set that is from is Sew Snowy-I think it's under the clip art section at LD.

  6. Such a cute little penguin! Love the chalked cheeks!