Sunday, June 20, 2010

You Make Me Melt

While shopping for summer wear for my kids the other day, I came across a shirt that had this design in the front:

Super cute, right? Yeah, I thought so too. So I bought the shirt and gave it to my youngest. However, the more I look at it, the more I thought I could put that same idea onto a card. I decided to give it a shot.

I used Make-The-Cut to make the popsicles and used Lettering Delights' Buttercream font for the sentiment. By the way, did you know that Lettering Delights' has a bunch of super cute fonts and graphics on sale now for $1 each? Click here to check it out.

I embossed the card front with Cuttlebug's Swiss Dots embossing folder and adhered the popsicles with mounting tape to give it some dimension. For the bottom edge, I used Martha Stewart's Drippy Goo Border Punch.

Whether you call this a homage or call it, as my husband did, a "rip-off", I thought that the design looked super cute on the card. I was also glad that I was finally able to use that border punch for something that is NOT for Halloween. :-D

Have a Great Summer, everyone!


  1. Wonderful card! I love that font, may have to check out LD today. I also have the drippy goo punch and was able to use it on a scrapbook page where my son's scout troop got into some major mud! But I like your use better LOL!

  2. It's not a rip-off!! You were simply inspired!! I love the card, and I wish I could find this drippy goo punch! I cannot find it anywhere! Great job on the card.

  3. Amy: What a great idea to use that punch for mud! Very clever! I'm going to remember that tip.

    Kim V.: I bought my punch last year at M.'s around Halloween. You might want to check there in a couple of weeks when they have their Halloween merchandise out. I'll be surprised if they don't have it available then.

  4. OMG that is too cute! I love it!

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  6. Super Love your "rip off" homage. ;) Seriously, I love that card. Another Jin genius moment!

  7. You're so cute, Joy! :D I do like these popsicles a lot. If you look closely, you can probably tell that I even made them cut like the CAC images too. :D


  8. That's so cute. I'll have to make this for dh sometime.