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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Ponymania Masquerade

"Mom...My Little Ponies don't have hooves!".

My eldest sounded offended as she looked over my shoulder to see the layers that I was about to cut out. Ahh...only an expert of MLP will know that the characters do not have hooves. LD had released the My Little Pony-inspired Ponymania collection the other week and I was excited to cut them out. It was a good thing that my resident MLP fan saved the ponies from getting hooves. *phew* Good save, kiddo!

I had posted several pictures of the Halloween ponies on my Facebook page and Instagram but now I am putting them all on one page here on the blog.  The original LD cutting files worked fine but I did make some minor adjustments on the SVGs to make the layering go a bit easier.

My daughters were huge MLP fans when they were little and deep inside, I think they still are. If you have an MLP fan in your life, get these Halloween ponies and the Party ponies. These are fun to put together and remember.....My Little Ponies do not have hooves. *wink*

File used:
Ponymania - Masquerade CS (SVG included)

Friday, October 13, 2017

So Franken Cute!

Every month LD has a promotion where you can get a bundle for free with a purchase of a certain value. I super *heart* this month's bundle! Their So Franken Cute collection is so fun to put together!

To get the So Franken Cute Promotional Bundle for free, just add $13 of product or more to your cart and use the coupon fracken during checkout.

The bundle includes the following:
So Franken Cute - GS (graphic set)
So Franken Cute - CS  (cut set, SVG included)
So Franken Cute - Sentiments - GS   
So Franken Cute - Sentiments - CS   
So Franken Cute - PP (paper pack)
So Franken Cute - AL (alphabet graphic)
So Franken Cute - Milk Cartons - CP (cut project, SVG included)
So Franken Cute - Purses- CP

CLICK HERE to see details of the promotion and how you can get the whole bundle for free.

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you may have seen the photos below. I've put them all  here so you can see the pictures together on one page now.


Friday, September 29, 2017

Happy National Coffee Day!

So I heard that today is National Coffee Day. Really? I thought that everyday already is, since I can't start the day without my Americano. Just for fun, I made the Peepsicles Penguin ditch its ice-cream for a cup of joe. I think he looks pretty cute with it. Heh.

To all of you coffee-lovers out there, hope your coffee is fabulous. Enjoy your drink and have a great weekend!

Files used:
Peepsicles Cut Set (SVG included)
Love Happy Cut Set (SVG included)

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Baby Boo

Casper? Is that you?

September is almost over and I'm starting to feel the stress. Oct 31 will be here in just over a month (33 days from now, to be exact), and I know that the kids will finally decide on their costumes 5 days before Halloween.

It's the same every year. I'd ask them about their costumes in August and they'd decide on one thing. I'd start buying whatever they need and by mid-October, they'd decide that they want to be something else. Urgh!

Halloween used to be so much easier when they were little. I'd buy their costumes months ahead and be done until it's time to go trick-or-tricking. To her credit, my youngest has already made up her mind. In fact, she has been raiding the closet and putting her outfit together. Her sisters, on the other hand, are not interested at all. I know that they are excited to go knocking on doors with their friends but when I ask them about their costumes,they just shrug their shoulders.

If the last few years are any indication of what's to come, it probably won't be before Oct 25 when they'd decide on what they want to wear. Of course, by then every good costumes will be sold out everywhere. Ack! Hubby thinks that I shouldn't let them get away with their last minute demands but I can't help it. I love seeing the kids all dressed up in their Halloween costumes. Luckily, we've always managed to find some things that work but should they ever not find what they need, I guess I can always make them cut it out of paper.

"It's too bad that the outfit you want is sold out but no worries. Here's a stack of paper and there's my cutting machine. Now go make your costumes!"

Wouldn't that be fun to watch? Heh.

Files used:
Baby Boo Cut Set (SVG included)
Baby Boo Neighborhood Cut Set (SVG included)

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Just flying by to say HI!

Hi there! I'm sharing a card today that I actually made a few weeks ago. Lately I seem to be making cards faster than I blog about them. I have so much fun in the card-making process that I just want to keep going. The trouble with not posting about the card right after I completed it is that by the time I write my article, I would have forgotten how I made it. Oops!

Luckily, it hasn't been that long since I made today's card and so I do still recall the process very clearly. In fact, I did it when LD released their Zoological collection the other week. There are so many fun images in that collection but I'm really drawn to the hippos. They look so goofy and I can't help smiling when I wonder about all the things I can make with them. You know, now that I think about it, I hope that LD will come up with a collection of nothing but hippos. How fun would that be?

The process of making this card is a little longer than a basic shaped card because there are several layers that I had to create myself. For example, the clouds were made by welding several circles together and cropped, while the stitched lines were made from changing the Line Styles of the internal offsets.

The entire background for the card front was print-and-cut while the main subject (hippo+balloons) was cut from different colored cardstock and layered together with foam tape. I used Stickles to add glitter to the balloons.

Some cards like the one shown here may look complicated but by applying the basic concepts of Offset, Weld, and Crop, you can make almost any kind of shaped cards.

LD Files used:
Zoological - Cut Set (SVG included)
Pop School Paper Pack
PN Pillow Fight font

Monday, September 25, 2017

hello from Seattle!

I have a confession to make.

I guess some of you already figured it out but in case you didn't know, I'm a hoarder. I'd really love to live a minimalist lifestyle (and goodness knows I've been trying to Kon-Mari my life), but my habit of collecting crafty things just isn't going to give my house a minimalist look any time soon.

One of my favorite things to collect are rubber stamps and dies of Seattle. I *heart* this city and I super *heart* Impress Rubber Stamps, the local stamp store. I buy almost all of my Seattle-themed stamps and dies from there.

As much as I love making cards using a more common, and non-location specific theme, I personally feel that there is something special about using a stamp set from the city where I live. Just think about it--anyone can make a "Hello!" card, but it is definitely a lot more personal when the card says hi from your city, know what I mean? Anyway, even though today's card is made with Seattle in mind, I hope you can use the idea for your city. If you don't have a local stamp store that sells stamps and dies of your city, try looking online or using your cutting machine. You may also like to check out the LD website. They have several sets of State-specific cut and graphic files and you may be able to find an SVG that relates to your city.

Have a great week!

Seattle Skyline metal die
Stitched Woodgrain Backdrop
Hearts and Stripes paper pad

Friday, September 22, 2017

Autumn Greetings

It has been a few weeks since the kids have gone back to school and things are finally settling slowly back into a routine.

The twins are in High School now while Lil' Sis has just started 6th Grade in Middle School. The first few weeks of the new school year are always a busy time but this year seems to be especially hectic.  Ice Cream Social, Open House, Marching Band, Picture Day, Homecoming, there seems to be something going on every other day!
The Marching Band is dressed in all black as their band uniform is still not ready.
I can't wait until the uniform gets here and these kids are all dressed up in it!
Off to the Homecoming Party!

Last night was Curriculum Night and with that, we are done with most of the new-school-year-to-dos.

For now.

It is so nice to pause and catch our breaths but we know that the next school event is just around the corner...

Today is the first day of Fall. I love this time of the year! The cooler air, and the falling leaves. Apples and Pumpkins, Halloween and Thanksgiving! We seem to always be so busy, either with work or with the kids, but we are going to take it slow this weekend and recharge.

Autumn is here, people!

Happy Fall, Y'all!!

Files and Supplies used:
Shaped card:
September Cut Set (SVG included)
LD Hand-Written Greetings font

Plaid card:
September Cut Set (SVG included)
Large Stitched Rectangles by Lawn Fawn
Stitched Woodgrain Backdrop by Lawn Fawn
Stitched Circles by My Favorite Things
Bebas Kai font
ZP on Fleek font

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Hippo Birthday!

School is still out but the twins are at band camp all week and I'm feeling like it's time to paaaarty!

Funny how fast things changed. Remember that time when I whined about being sad and lonely when the kids were at school? Ha! Not anymore!
from my Facebook page

Perhaps that's why I burst out laughing when I first saw that party hippo from the new LD Zoological. To think that I could actually relate to the joy it seems to be feeling. And school hasn't even started yet! Hilarious! (If you have not seen LD's latest collection, CLICK HERE to check it out now. I *heart* the party set!)

I can't help it. I just had to cut the Hoppin' Hippo out and of course, make a card with it.

Using Silhouette Studio (DE), I came up with another "Jin-Style" simple shaped card. I cut out all the layers from patterned, and solid color cardstock with my Silhouette Cameo machine. The greeting was printed on a sheet of patterned cardstock using my hubby's laser printer.

The card was assembled and put together using glue, tape, and foam tape (for dimension). I added Nuvo drops to the hippo's necklace to make it more interesting and made a tutu for her out of a strip of wired ribbon.

Here's the finished card:


Files used:
Zoological - Party - Cut Set (SVG included)
PN Back Together font

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

{TUTORIAL} Mermaid: So Excited for you!

The countdown has begun. The kids will be going back to school in a few weeks and we are still trying to make the most out of the Summer break. We had initially planned on staying put and not travel this Summer but halfway through, we started getting bored out of our minds. On the spur of the moment, Hubby got some plane tickets and took us away for a quick trip to Taipei. If you follow me on Instagram, you would probably already know all about our vacation. If you are not following me on Instagram, just Click HERE to see what we did on our trip.

Our vacation to Taiwan was short and ended way too soon! We had so much fun we were sad to go. We took a morning flight from Taipei to Seattle on our return trip. After 2 movies, I still couldn't sleep a wink and so I started playing with the Mer-mazing collection that LD has recently released. It didn't take long to design the shaped card and I was excited to get home to cut and assemble it.

Using Silhouette Studio (DE), I created the card base by trimming off the top two corners of a 5.5" x 4.25" rectangle shape.

The card front is formed when I weld the rectangle to a shadow layer of the mermaid.

I added a sentiment to the card front and filled it with other designs from the Mer-mazing collection.

The card base is made by welding a flipped copy of the card front to itself. (Does that make sense? If not, CLICK HERE for a detailed shaped-card tutorial.)

To fill the card front with color, I used the FILL GRADIENT tool in the Silhouette Studio software.

I used print-and-cut to cut out all the layers of the card front.

I cut out the card base with my Silhouette Cameo machine before adhering the colored card front onto it. The mermaid was affixed using foam tape for added dimension.

I finished the card by adding some bling using Stickles glitter glue and Nuvo drops.

Files used:
Mer-mazing Cut Set (SVG included)
Mer-mazing Friends Graphic Set
ZP Cafe Noir font

Editing this post to add a quick slideshow: