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Saturday, August 29, 2015

FREE LD 3D Dinosaur Cut Project (SVG included)

Hi Everyone! How's everybody been doing? Been crafting much? I can't believe that our Summer break is almost over! The new school year is starting soon and once we get back to the swing of things, I'll be back here to post more regularly again.

Anyway, did you see what's new on the LD site? LD has put up a really cool freebie - a 3D dinosaur!

project and photo by LD

To get your freebie, just click HERE or the image above to go to the LD site. Add the Dino-mite Cut Project to your cart and checkout. You pay $0.00!

If you like the freebie, you may want to check out the rest of LD's new release. Click HERE to get their new Dino-mite collection and save an extra 50% when you use coupon code: DinoDeal on purchases of $10 or more.

Silhouette Studio users, don't forget to claim your weekly freebie.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

FREE LD Banana Split graphic!

Heads up! There's a new LD freebie up for grabs!

Click HERE or the image above to go to the LD site. Add the Banana Split graphic to your cart and checkout. You pay $0.00!

While you're at the LD site, don't forget to get both the Conversations Collection (graphics) and the Cut Bundle Collection (Cut Its). They are only $3.25 (FOR BOTH!!) if you use the coupon code: Bananas! That's 75% off the regular price! Click HERE to get them.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Free LD Ampersand Cut Project (SVG included)

project and image by LD

This morning LD released the cutest Animal Alphabet and they are giving away the Ampersand for free!

Click HERE or the image above to go to the LD site. Add the Ampersand Cut Project to your cart and checkout. You pay $0.00!

Silhouette Studio users, don't forget to claim your weekly freebie.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Free LD Strawberry Lemonade Stand Kit (Printable)

Hi Everyone!

Sorry that I've been quiet all week. We just got back from our road trip to San Francisco and I'm still trying to catch up with the usual stuff. I'm popping in here quickly just to share a freebie.
Downtown San Francisco at sunset as viewed from our hotel room.

It seems that today is National Lemonade Day (Who comes up with these stuff anyway?) and LD is giving away their Strawberry Lemonade Stand Kit.

To get the free set, click HERE or the image above to go to the LD site. Add the Strawberry Lemonade Stand Kit (printable) to your cart and checkout. You pay $0.00!

In case you are interested in getting the rest of the collection, the coupon code LetsCurdle will take 75% off all Strawberry Lemonade product.

That's all for now. Talk to y'all later!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Free LD Doodlebat: DB School Words

Hi Y'all!! I'm going to make this post really short because I'm on a road trip. We drove south on the U.S. Route 101 starting from Seattle yesterday, and went down the Oregon Coast. We arrived in California this afternoon and in fact, I'm actually writing this from San Francisco!

We drove down the Oregon Coast and stopped to view the Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach, OR.
Here is Friday's LD freebie:

Click HERE or the image above to go to the LD site. Add the DB School Words doodlebat (dingbat) to your cart and checkout. You pay $0.00!

While you are at the LD site, don't forget to check out these five new deals:

To get the discounted price, just add the bundle(s) to your cart and use the coupon code 545KWCS at checkout.

Silhouette Studio users, don't forget to claim your weekly freebie.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Free LD printable: Really Sweet Year

Oh lookie! There's a free LD printable up on their site!

Click HERE or the image above to go to the LD site. Add the Really Sweet Year (Printable) to your cart and checkout. You pay $0.00!

Summer Vacation 2015 (Part 1): The Wizarding World of Harry Potter- Diagon Alley, Hogwarts Express, Hogwarts

Hubby and I have the habit of not telling the kids anything about any upcoming vacations until the morning we are to travel. If we give them any advance notice, chances are they will drive us mad when they wouldn't stop talking about it. However, we made an exception this time. Two weeks before we were due to travel, we told the kids that we were going to Orlando, Florida. Specifically, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios. Without even us asking, our 12 year old twins immediately went online to research the theme park. They also started re-reading the Harry Potter books. Their little sister was so inspired that she too, started reading the books. To further prepare them for the trip, we binge watched all 8 Harry Potter movies the week before we traveled. I really think that doing so helped us enjoy the theme park even more than if we had not watch the movies or read the books.

Hubby got us a 2-day pass to the park but we loved it so much, we wished it could have lasted longer. We loved EVERYTHING about it! From the moment we stepped into Diagon Alley, to getting on the Hogwarts Express, to Hogsmeade and Hogwarts, we felt like we were transported into a different world! If not for all the sweaty, t-shirt-and-shorts-wearing crowd, one might even forget that you are actually at a theme park!

If you are planning a trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, here are a few tips that may help:

- Try to read the Harry Potter books or at least watch a Harry Potter movie before visiting the park. It will give you a better context of the attractions and you will enjoy the park even more.

- Head to Ollivanders as soon as you get to the park to watch their little "The Wand chooses the Wizard" show. It is better to get that over and done with in the morning when the line is short, then to have to wait up to an hour for it later in the day. The 5-mins (or so) show is cute but it is not worth waiting that long for.

- If you are getting the interactive wands, get them early in the day so that the kids have all day to cast spells with them.

- Travel light. Universal Studios prohibit guests from bringing anything that cannot fit inside their pockets onto the rides. They do provide lockers but it is still a hassle and a huge time-waster. My kids brought along their purses on the first day we went to the park and we wasted so much time waiting in line to get to the lockers. We smartened up the next time and went with only one backpack for the group. Even though we still had to store away the bag, it was definitely easier than having to deal with more than one locker.

- If you are an American Express cardholder, you can get exclusive perks and discounts at the park. Click HERE for details.

Hubby and I took a lot of pictures at the park. Here are some of them. Enjoy!

The Leaky Cauldron:

We tried to get inside the Leaky Cauldron as depicted in the book but alas! The door doesn't open.


Our first stop: Ollivander's Wand Shop.
photo by Hubby
So many wands! Which to pick?
The girls casting spells with their new interactive wands

Gringotts Bank:

The Gringotts Bank look just like the one depicted in the book and the movie. It was so cool to see the goblins "at work".
photo by Hubby
photo by Hubby

Hogwarts Express:

We took the Hogwarts Express from the King's Cross train station to get to Hogsmeade and Hogwarts.


The amazing Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


Look at all these Muggles! Everyone wants a taste of Butterbeer.
Butterbeer! A must-have in Harry Potter land.
The Great Feast Platter at Three Broomsticks was the perfect lunch for the five of us.
The Hogwarts Frog Choir- hilarious!
We made a stop at the Hogsmeade Post Office to get some postcards mailed out to our friends.
Check out the cool Hogsmeade postmark and the Hogwarts postage stamps.
Pick your owl. I was told the owl on the left is faster (aka Express Mail but not really).

Diagon Alley:

Magic potions, anyone?
More magic in a bottle

Here's one more look at Diagon Alley and the fire-breathing dragon that sits atop Gringotts Bank:

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

New LD promotion: Spend $5, Get Prickly Pear Collection for Free!

LD has a great promotion going on: if you spend $5 anytime from August 7th-14th, you can get the Prickly Pear Collection ($26 value) for free!

The $26 Prickly Pear Collection includes the following:
  • Prickly Pear Alphabet - $4
  • Prickly Pear Paper Pack - $2
  • Prickly Pear and Pets Graphic Set - $5
  • Prickly Pear and Pets Cut Set - $6
  • Prickly Pear Cut Set - $4
  • Prickly Pear Cut Project - $5

To get the free product, just follow these instructions:

1. Click HERE to add the Prickly Pear Bundle to your cart.

2. Add other product to your cart so your whole shopping cart is equals or exceeds $21 (the discounted value of the bundle plus another $5 in product).

3. Enter the code: Sticky at check out and the entire value of the bundle will be taken off from the cart!

Silhouette Studio Update: v3.4.427 (for the Silhouette Curio)

Looks like an update to Silhouette Studio has been released to accommodate the new Silhouette Curio. From the Release Notes, if you do not have the new Curio, there is no need to install v3.4.427. However, if you have the Curio, you will likely need to install this update in order to use Embossing, Stippling, and other features of the Curio.

Click HERE to get Silhouette Studio v3.4.427.

By the way, even though the Silhouette Curio is not yet available on the Silhouette website, it is available for purchase on Amazon. It is on sale for $229.99 (compared to $249.99 on the Silhouette site) and with free Prime shipping. Click HERE to get it.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

FREE LD Prickly Pear Cards and Envelopes Printables.

Hi everyone!

So sorry that this post is late. I got home very late last night from my cruise (read: no WiFi) and I was not able to get online until just. Anyway, there is still some time left to get this week's LD freebie:

Click HERE or the image above to go to the LD site. Add the Prickly Pear Cards and Envelopes Printables to your cart and checkout. You pay $0.00!

In case you are shopping on the LD site, there is a new coupon that you can use:

The coupon code: SewAwesome will take 50% off on purchases of $12 or more

Click HERE to start shopping.

Silhouette Studio users, don't forget to claim your weekly freebie.
I have a lot of photos of our vacation to share with y'all but first, I must deal with all the unpacking and laundry (yuck!). You can also see some pictures of our trip on my Instagram.

I'll talk to you all again real soon!

Hugs and Kisses.....

Saturday, August 1, 2015

LD Freebie: Oh Sew Pretty Face graphic and cut it.

Hi Everyone! I'm still on vacation and I'm just taking a couple of minutes to let y'all know that LD did not forget their Friday freebie. They were just a little late and the files are available now.
Click HERE or the image above to go to the LD site. Add both the Oh Sew Pretty Face Graphic and Cut It sets to your cart and checkout. You pay $0.00!

Tip: The prices may show up as $1 each on the product page but once you click to see the product detail, the $0.00 price will show.

Silhouette Studio users, don't forget to claim your weekly freebie.

By the way, I'm actually posting this from the Disney Fantasy cruise ship. We just sailed away from Florida this evening and I will be away from the internet on our family vacation. If you had posted a comment here or on my Facebook page, please know that I am not ignoring you. I will reply to your posts and emails when I get back.

Have a super weekend! **MUAH!!**