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Thursday, April 30, 2015

50% off Silhouette Replacement Blades!

Silhouette Replacement Blades are half-off again! If you got in on the Silhouette Cameo deal yesterday, stock up on the blades while they are this cheap.

Amazon changes prices frequently and I don't know how long this sale will last. Click HERE to get your blades before the price goes up!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

**HOT DEAL!** Silhouette Cameo bundle for $199 (reg. $344.95)

HURRY!! There's a great offer going on for the Silhouette Cameo right now!

This bundle includes the following:
  • a New Silhouette CAMEO, 
  • 2 12"x12" cutting mats, 
  • 2 cutting blades, 
  • a Silhouette Pick Me Up tool, 
  • a Silhouette Metallic Sketch Pen Pack, 
  • a $25 download card for the Silhouette Design Store.

This is a limited time offer. The MSRP of the Silhouette Cameo machine alone is already $299.99. You can sometimes find it on sale for around $200 but what makes this deal stands out is that it also comes with all the extras. If you have been thinking about getting a Silhouette cutter, get this bundle now before the deal is over.

Click HERE to get it.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Jin's { Extreme } Orange Cards

I love LD's cutesy designs but every now and then they surprise me with a non-kiddie file that I must have.

I *heart* the Fruit Cocktail Cut Its as soon as I saw it. The Extreme Layers version, in particular, is very cool. I am intrigued by the multiple layers and I couldn't wait to download the set and cut the fruits out. I started with the strawberry and after cutting out the lemon, I realized that cards made with these cutouts will be bulky. I decided to make the orange using the in-lay technique so as to reduce bulk.

I modified the cutting file by reassigning the cutting lines. I was really excited when I completed my first in-laid orange. I couldn't wait to show it to my kids! They took a look at the card and asked, "That's pretty, Mom. Is that a graphic?"

Yikes! In-laying the whole design resulted in a completely flat and uninteresting card. There isn't much of a difference between my in-laid orange and a graphic image of it. My kids were right. I had to re-do the card and add more dimensions. So I went back to the craft room and made a second card using a combination of both the in-laid technique and the regular layering method.

I love the finished card so much more! I used the in-lay technique in two spots- on the orange rind and on the base. I also raised the the layers up twice - on the rind, and in the middle.

While assembling the cards, I also experimented with using different mediums to make the seeds. Glossy Accents provided the extra dimension but they looked like juice on the orange rather than seeds. Liquid Pearls worked better but in the end, I decided to make the entire card, seeds included, out of cardstock.

Here's the finished card:

File used:
LD Fruit Cocktail - Extreme Layers Cut Its (SVG)
Frame is made with a steel die-cut by Mama Elephant.

Click HERE to see my other project that applies the in-lay method.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Please re-download Monarch Butterfly Cut Its.

If you had downloaded the Butterfly Kisses - Monarch Cut It set before Sunday (4/26) afternoon, please click HERE to sign into your LD account and re-download. There was a slight error with the cutting file but it has been fixed.

LOWEST PRICE! 55% off Silhouette Studio Designer Edition!

HURRY! This is the lowest price of Silhouette Studio Designer Edition that I've seen. If you want the program, now is the time to get it. The free Silhouette Studio software that comes with the Silhouette Portrait or Silhouette Cameo cutting machine cannot open SVG files. You need a 3rd party program like Make-the-Cut or the Designer Edition upgrade to use SVGs.

Amazon changes their prices often and I don't know how long this offer will last. CLICK HERE to get your Silhouette Studio Designer Edition before the price goes up!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday Freebies {plus some BIG news!}

TGIF! Here are some of the new sets that LD released today. Click HERE to check out the whole Butterfly Kisses collection:

LD's Stringbeans are on sale for 80% off but the promotion ends on Monday. If you have not shopped the sale, click HERE to see how you can bring the prices of the bundles down even lower.

The other day I mentioned that something BIG was coming to LD. In case y'all have not figured it out, LD is switching over to a new site!

LD is still working on their new website but once it's up, we will all be treated to some awesome freebies. The free sets will be automatically added to our LD libraries. If you do not already have an LD account, just CLICK HERE to go to the LD site and click on "Create an Account" on the top right corner of the page.

Here are your Friday Freebies:

Click HERE or the image above to go to the LD site. Add the Butterfly Kisses - Monarch graphic set and Cut It (SVG) to your cart and checkout. You pay $0.00! The links to the downloads will show up after the "transaction" is completed.

At the time of this post, LD's Earth Day surprise freebie is still available for download. If you have not grabbed yours yet, click HERE to get it before it's gone.

Silhouette Studio users, don't forget to grab your weekly freebie from the Silhouette Design Store.

That's all for now! TTYL!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Surprise Earth Day freebie from LD!

It's Earth Day and LD has posted a freebie. The catch is that you have to hunt for it. :-)

Click HERE to start looking for the free set but if you would rather not play, I have good news for you. I've already done the work for you and found the freebie. You can click HERE to get it and HERE to see what you can make with it.

2 days only! Patricia Zapata's Three Birdcages Cut It set for $2 (reg. $6)

Patricia Zapata is one of my favorite designers and I was so thrilled to see that LD has put her Three Birdcages Cut Its on sale again!

I had cut and assembled the birdcages when they were first released (click HERE to see two of them) and I *heart* how they look. If you want to make your own birdcages, click HERE to get the file but hurry, this sale will end on Friday.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

50% off Silhouette Replacement Blades! {and 47% off SSDE}

WOOT! Silhouette blades are 50% off again! It's time to stock up!

Besides the half-price blades, Silhouette Studio Designer Edition is also on sale for 47% off.

For those of  you who are new to Silhouette, the free Silhouette Studio software that came with the Silhouette cutting machines cannot import SVG files. In order to use SVG files with your Silhouette cutting machine, you will need to use a 3rd party software like Make-the-Cut or use the Silhouette Studio Designer Edition upgrade.

{Please note: The features of the Designer Edition are "locked" inside the basic Silhouette Studio software. By purchasing this software card, you are actually buying a license key that will unlocked those features. The software card is not a separate program. }

You may noticed that I had used the Silhouette 2012 Wood Frame Advent Calendar in THIS project. The frame is now 50% off HERE.

Amazon has frequent price changes and I don't know how long these offers will last. Click HERE to get your Silhouette replacement blades and HERE to get your Silhouette Studio Designer Edition before the prices go up. To see all the Silhouette deals on Amazon, just click HERE.

Monday, April 20, 2015

I just cancelled my Club Silhouette membership. {Buyers Beware}

So I joined Club Silhouette in March after hearing folks talk about the 30-day free trial and getting a mat and blade for free. I ended up paying $9.99 to stay on as a member for a second month because my mat and blade did not ship within the first 30-days. The exclusive shapes that I unlocked for both months did not impress me and so after some consideration, I decided to terminate my membership. (Click HERE to see why I had signed up, and HERE to see why I decided to leave.)

I was under the impression that cancellation would be quick and easy and so I was surprised to see that the Silhouette website did not allow me to cancel until after May 15. That's 3 months after I have joined, and they would have charged me $9.99 TWO TIMES by then. I was miffed that the information was not posted and conveyed to me at the time that I signed up and so I sent an email to Silhouette Support.

I sent the message on Saturday evening and I was impressed that I got a response the very next morning and on a Sunday no less! I had forgotten to tell them the email address that was associated with my Silhouette account and so I sent my reply back immediately. Just a little while ago (on Monday morning), Silhouette replied that they had cancelled my membership.

While I am glad (and relieved!) that they responded so quickly, I am a little disappointed that once again, they did not provide full disclosures about their products. When they advertised the Silhouette Cameo 2 machine, they had offered 100 free shapes to customers but they did not mention that existing Silhouette Cameo (1) users looking to upgrade to the new cutter will only get 50 new shapes. In this case, they did not tell potential Club Silhouette members that they need to stay for a total of 3 months before they can cancel.

I like my Silhouette Cameo machine a lot and even though I dislike Silhouette Studio version 3.xx, I am happy that I can use the Legacy version (v2.9.45). Silhouette's once-stellar customer service has gone downhill but I have hope that they will one day be great again. So I am bummed to say that after having two recent purchase experiences that left a sour taste in my mouth, I've become wary of what Silhouette advertises. I will definitely be more cautious the next time I buy a new product from them. That's kinda sad considering how much I used to love them. :(

Friday, April 17, 2015

(expired) Friday Freebies {plus new LD Can It collection}


I'm getting a kick out of LD's latest designs. Check out the new Can It Collection, and particularly the Fruit Cocktail and Vegetable Soup EXTREME LAYERS. They are the coolest LD cutting files ever!

If you are getting any of the new sets, you may want to consider getting the bundles instead. They are usually a better deal and you can even use a coupon on top of it!

The coupon code AprilShowers will take 40% off any purchase of $20 or more.

The Stringbeans are discounted at an insane 80% off but the sale is ending soon. Don't miss out. Click HERE to get them and don't forget to use the AprilShowers to bring the price down even lower.

Here are your Friday Freebies:

Click HERE or the image above to go to the LD site. Add the Fruit Cocktail Lemon graphic set and Extreme Layers Cut It (SVG) to your cart and checkout. You pay $0.00! The links to the downloads will show up after the "transaction" is completed.

Silhouette Studio users, don't forget to grab your weekly freebie from the Silhouette Design Store.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Jin's Dear Diary { Clear } Stickers

Have you played with this month's featured LD alphabet yet? Every month, LD gives away some free files and along with that, they also feature an alphabet. While you cannot download the whole set for free, LD allows you to use their Try Me Now tool to make phrases. You can download as many phrases as you like. You can use them for titles for your scrapbook or sentiments for your handmade cards. Click HERE for a detailed explanation on how to get your free Alphabet sample.

The featured Alphabet for April is Dear Diary. I have loved the Dear Diary collection forever but strangely enough, I have never played with the alphabet. Until now.

Using Silhouette Studio DE (Legacy version), I imported some fun phrases along with the names of my daughter's friends onto the virtual mat. Instead of tracing, I drew rectangles around the graphics with the rounded rectangle tool.

I thought that these labels would look even cuter as clear stickers so I prepared to print-and-cut on the Silhouette brand of printable clear sticker paper. My previous clear sticker project (click HERE for that post) turned out beautifully and so I did not think twice about using the same Canon inkjet printer. While the printout looked fine, I was bothered by the occasional smudge. I decided to try again but this time with my Canon MF8280 laser printer.

I had never used this laser printer on clear sticker papers and so I messed up the first sheet by selecting the wrong setting. The printout was one huge mess! I was worried that I had broken the machine but fortunately my second printout (with the printer set to print at "Transparency") turned out beautifully.

I was delighted with the clear stickers! The colors are so bright and they are simply perfect for my tween girls! If you have not played with the alphabet, click HERE to download your free samples. 

If you are reading this post after April 2015, chances are the Dear Diary alphabet is no longer free. Luckily it will still be available for purchase at THIS LINK.

File used:
Dear Diary Alphabet (graphic) set

Other products:
Silhouette brand printable clear sticker paper

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Club Silhouette April exclusive shapes {for members only}

So last month I told y'all that I signed up for Club Silhouette to take advantage of the free 30-day trial, and a free mat and blade. Click HERE to read my post if you had missed it.

Members are also given 10 exclusive shapes on the 15th of every month. In case you are curious, these are the shapes that I got today:

I think these designs are okay but honestly, they are not that spectacular or unusual. You can find a ton of such Spring-themed shapes on many sites, including LD.

I am still waiting for Silhouette to ship my free mat and blade. Since the first 30-days have passed, they have charged me $9.99 for this month. I don't see any benefits in extending my membership beyond April and so I am pretty sure that I will cancel after I had receive the items.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Silhouette $25 Download Card for $16.xx! 

Hurry! Get the $25 Silhouette download card for only $16.17! The card is good for $25 worth of shapes in the Silhouette Online (Design) Store. Buy the card now, add the credits to your Silhouette account, and wait for a sale on the shapes to get even more value out of it!

Prices on the Amazon website may be subjected to frequent changes. I do not know how long this deal will last. If you want it, click HERE to get it before it's gone!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Bonus Freebies for April 2015

The bonus freebies for April are up on the LD site!

Click on the image(s) below to go to the LD store. Add the Shadow Play - Forest Animals Cut It (SVG), Graphic set, and Printables , and the Bright Spring paper pack to your cart and check out. You pay $0! The links to the downloads will show up once the "transaction" is completed.

There is also a free sample alphabet. Unlike their usual freebie(s), you cannot checkout with the whole alphabet set to get it for free. Instead, you can only download a word or a phrase. Hence a sample. (Hint: Use it to make a free title for your scrapbook page!)

To get your Dear Diary alphabet sample, click HERE to go to the LD site and click on the Try Me Now button on the top right corner. Enter a word or a phrase in the text box and the preview box will show you how it looks like in the form of the alphabet. If you like the way it looks, you can get the word/phrase as a free sample by clicking on the Save button. Don't forget to change the image to a higher resolution before starting the download. Note that you can only download the word or phrase that you type in the text box for free. Unlike the usual LD freebies, you will be charged for the alphabet if you try to check out with the entire set in your cart.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Freebies {plus new Shadow Play collection}

Whoa. There are so many things going on over at LD that I don't even know where to begin. Wait. Actually I do. :-)  How about we start with the new collection that they had added to their site today?

The new Shadow Play is a huge line that includes Cut Its Simple Shapes (SVG), Graphics, Printables, an Alphabet, and a Paper Pack. There are too many sets to list here so I'm just going to post the bundles below. Click HERE to see all of them on the LD site.

If you are buying anything from LD, don't forget to use a coupon. The code AprilShowers will take 40% off any purchase of $20 or more.

LD also has a new "Earn it Free" collection. If you spend $10 between April 4 and April 30, you will get both the Trip and Travel and Trip and Travel Too collections at no additional cost! Click HERE for the full details.

One more thing. Big changes are coming to the LD site and there will be new freebies for all of us too! I'm so excited!! I can't wait to tell you more later but until then, I will say that if you do not already have an LD account, you need to sign up for one right now. You can do so by clicking HERE

Here are your Friday Freebies:

Click HERE or the image above to go to the LD site. Add the Shadow Play - Forest Animals Cut Its (SVG), Graphics, and Printables to your cart and checkout. You pay $0.00! The links to the downloads will show up after the "transaction" is completed.

Silhouette Studio users, don't forget to grab your weekly freebie from the Silhouette Design Store.