Friday, January 8, 2016

Button Magnets for Amy's locker

"Hey Mom, I forgot..."

These are the words I dread to hear. Especially at bedtime. Yet the other night, those 4 words were uttered by my 7th Grader (Twin A). For a moment I considered pretending that I didn't hear her. Running out of her room with a hasty "OkaygoodnightIloveyouMuah!Seeyoutomorrowbyebye!" seemed like such a good idea but instead, I found myself saying

"Yah? What is it?".

"Can you make magnets with your button maker?".

I was looking forward to crawling into bed early. It had been a long day and I'm still recovering from a bad cold. Still, I got excited when I heard what my kid wanted. It's a treat whenever I can use my kid's request as an excuse to play with my toys! OF COURSE I will make those magnets!

Twin A had arranged with several of her friends to stay back after school to decorate a friend's locker. It's Amy's birthday and they were going to surprise her by filling her locker with confetti and balloons. Twin A thought that it'll be fun to use button magnets for a greeting. Her friend can even use them to stick notes on her locker afterwards.

It has been a while since I used my button maker (see my buttons HERE) and even longer still since I last made magnets with it. Thankfully I had put away the toy tool and all the accessories together so that retrieving everything that I needed was a breeze. Next, I downloaded my own button template and used an LD Alphabet with Silhouette Studio (DE). I came up with this:

Once the page is printed, I used my Silhouette Cameo to print-and-cut the circles out before proceeding to make magnets with my button maker.

The magnet will be sealed inside the button.

Here are the finished buttons. I love that the magnets are encased inside so that the buttons look more finished (and professional!).

I hope Amy likes them. Happy Birthday, Amy!


File used:
Tweeny Bopper Alphabet (graphic set)


  1. Ooooo, I have a 3 year old g'daughter who would LOVE button magnets to put her artwork on my fridge.....*runs off to look at the button maker*

  2. Love these! I've been an eyeing a button maker for the longest time. This may finally push me over the edge.... :)

  3. That is a great idea for decorating lockers! I inherited a 1.25" button maker. Is there a way I can resize the template to work with a larger button?