Sunday, November 29, 2015

PART 2: The Amazon Books (brick-and-mortar) Store

When I looked through my blog this morning, I couldn't help but feel like I've shortchanged you guys yesterday. My post on the Amazon Books store was so brief! To make up for it, I went back to the store today to take a couple more photos for y'all.

Instead of price tags, most of the books on the shelf has a review card. I think that's a brilliant move on the part of Amazon because this glowing review of the Pok Pok cookbook almost made me buy the book instead of the one that I went to the store for.

James Beard Winners have a card that states that they are a winner of the award. I guess that's quite clever of Amazon too because everyone likes a winner, right?

Each card also shows the review rating on the Amazon site.

To find the price of the book, just use one of the price checkers in the store. I suppose you can also use the Amazon App on your phone?


I have been wanting to buy the Bread Baker's Apprentice by Peter Reinhart and I was pleased to find it in the store. I have had the book in my cart forever and I finally bought it today. The book is at a great price and I simply could not pass it up especially with the additional 30% off Amazon book discount.

My kids love the kids' books section but they are especially drawn to the World of Harry Potter display. They were bummed that the store was sold out of the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone: Illustrated Edition but they didn't have any trouble looking for another book to buy. There was quite a nice selection of books in the bookstore.

An interesting tidbit that I found out about Amazon Books is that it is a non-cash store. The cashier explained that since Amazon is an online company, they don't know how to deal with cash transactions so you can only pay by card in the brick-and-mortar store.

Do you remember that yesterday I told y'all that there are different counters for customers to try out the different Amazon devices? Well, here are some photos of that:

My favorite counter is the one for the Amazon Echo. I *heart* our Alexa and I think I helped sell one of these to one of the customers in the store yesterday because I couldn't stop raving about it to the sales lady. Haha.

The Fire TV and the Kid Tablets never fail to attract the youngsters.


Speaking of tablets, I was told that the offer for the $34.99 Fire Tablet ended yesterday but the Amazon Echo is still on sale. The 30% off one book promotion will end on December 1 and you can take advantage of these two deals online too.

If you had missed my first post on the Amazon Books b&m store, just click HERE to read it.

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CLICK HERE for the Cyber Monday deals on Amazon devices (including the Amazon Echo).


  1. How fortunate for us that your conscience came through, and you just simply HAD to make up for it with another very detailed visit! Looking forward to visiting this store next time we're in town. Thanks for always showing us the best show-and-tells, Jin! :D

    1. HAHAHA!! You are very welcome, Cecelia!

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  3. not accepting cash is a GREAT reason to never shop there. The idea that they "dont' know how to handle" cash is beyond the pale of absurdity. And I can't imagine anyone believing that is actually true. They don't want to accept cash BECAUSE THEY CAN'T TRACK WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU BUY. That's ridiculous.

    1. The cashier I spoke with probably said that in jest although I thought it made sense. Shopping in the store was quite an interesting experience- the price of the book instore is the current price of the same book online, and since you cannot pay by cash online, you will not be able to pay cash in the physical store too. I also thought it was interesting that you cannot make online returns to the store but you can return books that you bought from the b&m to the b&m.