Thursday, May 7, 2015

Angela Sgro's Lip Balm holders

Angela Sgro posted these lip balm holders to my Facebook page and I love them so much, I'm re-sharing her photos (with her permission, of course) on the blog:

"I modified some of Nancy Kubo's totally charming graphics to make these gifts for my son's teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week." ~ Angela

"I made a couple batches of these, just varying the colors. Then I thought the swirl on a couple of the EOS lip balm spheres would make great snail shells. But I couldn't think of an appropriate saying to go with the snails. So I made them into roses instead." ~ Angela

I can't get over how cute these look! I love the set with the Nancy Kubo graphics but I totally *heart* the ones with the swirl pattern too. How absolutely adorable!

Thanks, Angela for sharing your projects. I love them!

5/7/2015: Edit to add more info about Angela's project:

The rose from the 2nd photo is from the Oh Romeo Roses graphic set. Angela changed the color of the flower bud by adjusting the hue/saturation in Photoshop.



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  2. What size hole do you make for the lip blam to fit in?