Thursday, February 14, 2013

Don't waste your kisses on the frogs...

Happy Valentine's Day! 

Today's featured project is courtesy of Doris Hill Weeaks. Doris shared a project on my Facebook page yesterday and I love it so much I asked if I could post it here.

This is her card:

Isn't that hilarious? I love those lips on the frog! Do you recognize the frog? It's from the Happily Ever After set! This is what Doris said about her card,

"I used the cute little frog prince (from the LD Happily Ever After set) to make a shaped card. I used your technique for centering the images to the page to be able to make a 2-sided card with one sheet of cardstock! I found some chocolate lips (wrapped in foil) at Dollar Tree that I glue dotted to the frogs face (I covered up the smile that came on him). On the front it says, "Don't waste your kisses on the frogs!" and on the inside it says, "Someday, your prince will come!" I teach a Bible study on Wednesday nights for young, unwed mothers and I thought the little froggy would be perfect for them!!! I will try to post a pic when I get them done! Thanks for all your inspiration, Jin! :o]"

What a fabulous card! I love this so much I'm going to save this idea and make it for the next Valentine's Day.

Thanks for sharing, Doris! I hope that all of you enjoyed this card as much as I do. Have a great day, everyone!


  1. You are so sweet to feature my card on your blog, Jin! I have to say, if it weren't for your awesome tutorials, I would never have been able to make it to begin with! I am always inspired by your adorable creations, and was thrilled to be able to make my "froggie" come to life! Thanks for making me feel so special on this Valentine's Day! Happy Valentine's Day to you and your sweet family! ~ Doris

  2. I love the priceless bar code on the back of the card. Perhaps you can tell us how to do that in another post???? I am new to all this so I am clueless.