Wednesday, November 30, 2011

LD Wild Wednesday: Riddle Me This!

Hey Everyone! 

Sorry that I've not posted any projects this week. I've been busy with home stuff cos' we're going on vacation next week! I have made some random projects here and there but I still have to work on the blog posts. I'm hoping to put those up before we leave town. 

My crafting time has also been temporarily taken over by shopping! I've been buying presents from the online stores but I really need to make a trip to my Michael's soon. I'm really curious if they have started carrying Silhouette products over here. It seems that the store in Long Island, NY, already has a display out for the Silhouette Cameo and accessories. Thanks, Sue Macken for sharing the news!

Today's LD Wild Wednesday post on Facebook is a fun one! Solve some riddles and post your answers up on LD's wall and you may win a $5 gift cert! Here are the riddles and the corresponding offers:


Did you managed to solve the riddles? Post your answers to LD's wall HERE.

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