Thursday, May 26, 2011

MTC Beta-testing for Print-and-Cut to the Silhouette SD

I've been beta-testing the new MTC plug-in for the Silhouette SD for a few days now. If you are just trying out the plug-in (beta), here are some tips that may help you achieve a more successful print-and-cut:

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I place my Registration Marks on their own separate layer and I keep it in LOCK and UNHIDE (eye open) position.

I prefer to set my registration marks close to the graphic so that the Silhouette's optical eye doesn't have to travel further than it needs to in order to scan all three registration marks. However, if you like, you can set your registration marks further out so that you don't have to move them around every time you change the graphic. Just set the registration marks in position, LOCK and UNHIDE the layer, and replace the graphic-that-is-to-be-cut as often as you like so long as the registration marks are outside the box bounding the graphic.

In the upcoming MTC v3.3, the registration marks will be automatic for print-and-cut and you will not have to manually place them yourself.  Andy will also add a 8.5" x11" mat option in the program to accommodate the Silhouette's mat size.

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When pixel-tracing, and filling in the image with texture, adjust the threshold so that the cut lines are as close to the outline of the texture as possible. Make sure that the whole image is as fully filled as possible. When reducing the size of the traced image, be sure to also reduce the size of the texture in the same proportion. If the image is not filled completely, your final print-and-cut result will also reflect that and the cut will not look right. If you are not sure if your images was properly filled and traced, just zoom in and check before cutting your image out.

The above picture shows a sample of an incomplete fill. Deb has graciously allowed me to mention her beta-test and you can read about Deb's experience with it here:

Before Printing out the image, remember to set the Paper Orientation to Landscape

Before loading your mat, make sure that the screen on your Silhouette machine shows "Load w/Carrier". If it shows "Load Media", just scroll the left or right arrow buttons until it shows "Load w/Carrier".

The upcoming MTC v3.3 will have some really nice features built-in and the process of Printing-and-Cutting to the Silhouette will be simplified. Until the upgrade is released, do try out the (beta) plug-in if you current own a Silhouette cutter. Just watch Andy's video tutorial and follow it closely and you'll be good to go. Click here to download your MTC Beta Silhouette Plug-in.

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  1. Thanks so much for all your beta testing!!