Wednesday, April 13, 2011

WOW!! Lettering Delights' SUPER FREEBIE DAY! (11 freebies!)

Were you there at the Lettering Delights 10,000 Facebook Fans Party over on their Facebook page today? The people at LD sure knows how to party; they gave away a freebie every hour for TEN STRAIGHT HOURS!

What? You didn't make it to the party? Hey, no problem at all cos' LD remembered you and saved the goodies for you for one more day!

Here are all the eleven freebies. These will be available for free until midnight tomorrow. I have indicated which ones are direct downloads from the Lettering Delights Facebook page, and which ones are from the website. Just click on the links below to get 'em!

One: Top Ten Graphics of 2010 Bundle (from LD store)

Two: Wild Things Bundle (Direct Download from FB)

Three: School Days Graphic Set (from LD store)

Four: $10,000 Bill in 4 file formats (Direct Download from FB)

Five: "LD Advertise This" font (Direct Download from FB)

Seven: Happy Camper Bundle (from LD store)

Eight: LD Kazaam font (Direct Download from FB)

Nine: Flag Post Graphic Set and Alphabet (from LD store)

Ten: Sweet Tweets for Special Peeps Bag Topper (Direct Download from FB)

Eleven: Zodiac Bundle (from LD store) and 4"x6" Prints (Direct Download from FB page)

While you're there at the Lettering Delights website, don't forget to check all their newly released fonts and doodlebats. Better grab them while they are only $1 each during Dollar Days. 

Once you've claimed your freebies, don't forget to click here to go to the Lettering Delights Facebook page to say "Thank you, LD!"


  1. Jin, how would I use both the graphic and SVG in same set? Would I need both?

  2. jin, thanks so much for putting this together, it saved me a lot of time searching for them all! Thanks again!

  3. Thanks a TON! Glad I didn't miss out.

  4. Yay, Now if I could only figure out how to use all these cool things. I can't seem to get them files to work in MTC. I guess I need to check out some tutorials!

  5. Thank you!!! These are wonderful! =D