Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Personal Faves


There are thousands of fonts, and graphics on the Lettering Delights website and even though I have made many cards from many of the Lettering Delights products, I have barely even begun to scratch the surface. Interestingly, there are several sets that I find myself wanting to use all the time. It is so hard to come out with a list of favorites but I managed to narrow down to twenty sets.

This is my Top Twenty Favorite Lettering Delights SVG, Doodlebats, Fonts, and Graphics. I tried to select sets that I have worked with before and they also have to work well with Make-the-Cut.

The sets below are listed in no particular order of preference:

I love SO MANY of the Lettering Delights SVGs and it was VERY hard to limit myself to selecting only 5 sets. I have used all of these sets before and I still can't get enough of them.


All of these Doodlebats work really well with MTC but note that many images in the DB Party Animals set need some tweaking for them to layer correctly .


Here are some fonts that I adore. I don't usually cut them out with MTC. Instead, I use the fonts to write a greeting or sentiment and use MTC to print that out.


For Graphic sets, I chose those with textures that appeal to me so that I can use for print-and-cut. Most sets were included in this list because there is no SVG equivalent (yet!). I also added two sets (Pun Intended, Seven Seas) that I can trace easily so that I can use them both for print-and-cut AND to make my own layers for cutting. 


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  1. Thanks these are great!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jin,
    Just what I need. I have spent hours going over and over everything at Lettering Delights. There is just too much to pick. Thank you Linda V for suggesting this.
    Thank you, Meagan

  3. Jin, I LOVE your blog and all your educational and creative ideas. Have a MTC question for you. Don't know if you are familiar with Kristina Werner's blog and MACM. This week she made a baby card with Silhoutte. Could you possibly tell me how to cut the letters like she did (specifically the trick she used on the B in button) using MTC software? Thanks for all you do! Here is her blog link:

  4. Hey Tami, I just posted a video tut for you. ;)