Friday, February 25, 2011

SUPER AWESOME Bundle for the New SVG user!

If you are new to Lettering Delights or if you are a new user of their SVGs, you MUST get this deal! Lettering Delights is offering a SUPER bundle of over 1400 images for only $100. Over 1400 images!
You will get 100 SVGs sets which means that each set is only $1. One Dollar! If you have made a recent purchase from Lettering Delights, check your confirmation email because you may find a 25% coupon that you can probably apply to this sale too!

If you don't already have many of their SVG sets, this is a great time to get them. Better mark your calendar for next Wednesday and Thursday because this sale is only available on March 2 and March 3. Don't miss out on this great deal because who knows when it will come back again.


  1. augh I just spent over $75 on svgs. Might still be worth it though, even with duplicates. I hope they show what is in it before we buy. I'm glad to hear I can use my 25% off. yay!

  2. Do you know if they will tell us what will be in the package? I would be interested but don't really want to buy it without knowing. if you know the answer could you let me know?
    Pauline at

  3. @gale, if you don't have a lot of the svgs already, this could really be a sweet deal. I didn't see any restrictions against the use of a coupon so if it is indeed true that a coupon can be used, the deal would be even sweeter!

    @Pauline At this time I really don't know what's included in the bundle. We'll probably all find out only when the deal goes live on the site unless they send out another email with more details. :)