Sunday, May 9, 2010

25 favors (part 2): I have a plan


A friend once asked me, "Where do you find Inspiration?".  I mumbled something, and skirted the question. I didn't know the answer and frankly, I've never thought about it. When I'm in my Craft Room, I take out a cartridge, and just cut. The idea of just doing something for the sake of nothing is really quite satisfying enough. I'm not cutting because I have to. I just want to. It's something that I can do just because. Not like laundry or dinner or cleaning. Not like changing a diaper or vacuuming the floor. Not something that I have to do because I'm a Mom or a Wife.

Perhaps that's why I am having so much trouble with this Memory Book assignment. It's funny how everything changes when a hobby becomes a duty. I'm not doing this for no reason. Somebody needed help and even though I accepted the job merrily, I didn't think I was going to be so stumped. For two days, I searched for Inspiration but I came up empty. I didn't like any of the layouts I was making on Design Studio. I was totally over thinking it. A voice inside my head was screaming, "It's for the FIRST GRADERS for crying out loud! The books will probably be thrown around and cast aside as soon as the kids bring them home.".  And just when I was about to cut out some random penguins, Inspiration found me. More accurately, the Mailman brought Inspiration to me. All $19 worth of it. 

I have a plan now and I think Mrs. M. is going to like it.

(to be continued...)

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