Thursday, April 15, 2010

Science Fair 2010 (part 2)

So there it sat. A cardboard that is but 3/4 the size of my 12"x24" mat. Do I really have to decorate it for Friday's Science Fair? I have 2 days. Argh. Frankly I'd rather be making a card but what's a mom to do?

I looked around the Craft Room and spotted my stack of cartridges that recently came in the mail. I see Songbird and really liked the flower image. I just needed to find a good solid font to replace that which came with the flower.

I searched through my cartridge drawers and decided that my go-to font, Don Juan, just wasn't going to work for this assignment. I never notice that most Cricut fonts are actually pretty skinny. We all know about that crazy anorexic font Jubilee, but even Simply Sweet was too thin and I almost settled on Alphalicious when I remembered that Robotz came with a font.

There! Exactly what I was looking for! Everyone sees the robots in that cart but I think that the font was totally overlooked. It's a good bold font and I know that it'll be one that I will be using often especially for the kids' craft work.

After some manipulation in Design Studio, I managed to cut out a whole bunch of flowers for the kids. I have to admit that it was hard for the perfectionist in me to watch them leave glue marks all over the "finished" flowers but I guess that made it believable that a First Grader did actually work on the project.

With some hot-gluing, the display board started coming together but yet I couldn't help but feel that there was something missing.

The display board may be small but surely there was something else we can do with the Cricut?

Science Fair = Display board = matching t-shirts? Oh, what the heck! Why not?!

And so we've done it - 2 days, 2 t-shirts, and 1 decorated display board. I think I've helped the twins enough to showcase their experiment and yet not so much that they can't own the project. After all, they came up with the idea for the experiment and the tests. They did the gluing, the writing ("No computer-printouts for you, kiddos!"), and the painting.

Not bad for a first Science Fair effort, if I do say so myself. For the kids....

and I guess, for me. ;-)


  1. What a cool look you gave this project! Very cute! Love how you took us through your process. Im sure your daughter will get a great grade on it! Looks lke so much work went into it with all of her notes and all of your work...Team Work!
    Great Job A+

  2. Thank you, Gina. :-) That means a lot to me. I will show the twins your comment when they wake in the morning. They are super-excited about the Science Fair and will be so thrilled to know that someone else appreciates their efforts.

    Thank you so much!

    Jin :-)

  3. Jin, this is awesome!!! You are very talented, and your twins are very smart!! Great, great job.

  4. Thank you, Kim! That was a really sweet comment and I appreciate it a lot. :-)

  5. As a retired first grade teacher and a former co-chair and judge of the school science fair, I commend you on your efforts, Mom! And, of course, the twins. Very attractive and well done!!!!

  6. I'm not very successful at leaving a comment --d on't know what I'm doing wrong, \


    Love the project. Love the design. Love the handwritten comments. Love the shirts. Would you please tell me how to make them?

    And, love my cricut.

  7. Thank you, Sally and Peggy. :)

    Peggy, to make the t-shirts, I cut out using freezer paper, then iron it onto the plain t-shirt and had the kids paint with Tulip brand fabric paint. If you go to youtube and search for "cricut freezer paper", you will find a couple of helpful video tutorials. My favorite one is this:

    It's really quite easy. We've made a few and my kids always have fun making them.

    Jin :)

  8. Wow, this is amazing!! The girls did a great job (and you too, mom). I can relate about the glue globs. My 12 yo is still awful at gluing without making a mess (but then she makes those tiny hello kitty greetings shapes. :P )

  9. Thanks, gale, for the comment! Thanks also for the heads up that the girls will still be leaving glue spots until they are past 12 yo. Yikes! :p