Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Science Fair 2010 (part 1)

Seven year olds are such funny little creatures. Everything is new and exciting to them.

"Mom! Look! A Butterfly!!", 
"Mom! We painted a penguin in class!",
"Mom! We're joining the Science Fair!"

Say what?

"Our school is having a Science Fair and... WE. ARE. JOINING!!"

Oh boy. Their First Science Fair.

My heart started beating a little faster as my head started to scream "No..." and yet I found myself doing a jig and joining the First Graders in their little happy dance. It's just so hard to kill such great enthusiasm.

It took a little convincing but the twins eventually agreed that instead of doing 2 Science Projects for the fair, they would share one. Right away they started cranking out ideas. So a group of boy classmates will be doing "Snail vs Slug. Which is faster?" but the twins weren't excited about doing anything that had anything to do with bugs. Twin B suggested making a light circuit but Twin A wasn't so keen. After a lengthy discussion, they settled on their theme but solemnly reminded me that they would need my help in putting their project together. So long as I didn't need to catch bugs or build a volcano, I was game. :) 

Two weeks ago, the girls came home with a 20"x15" piece of cardboard. Supposedly that is what they are to display their work on. I thought it was too small but we all agreed we will get the project done over Spring Break.

Spring Break was last week. 

The Science Fair is in two days.

Last night, I found this:

Sigh. In all fairness, they did come up with the experiment on their own and they did do the tests but they have no idea how to put all the information they had gathered on the display board together.

I have my Cricut, my Design Studio and my cartridges. I guess it's time to get working.

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  1. Awww, I remember those days! (Smile :) Can't wait to see more parts!