Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mail Time!

Look! There's a package.

I think it's for me.

Let's open it.


I've been waiting for these to arrive in my mailbox since Friday when I placed the order with

I can't wait till tonight when the kids are in bed and I can play with these.



  1. How exciting, thanks for the tip, I just went to their website and ordered Create a Critter :) Oh Im so excited! Looking forward to seeing your great creations you will posting :)
    Have a great day!

  2. Yay for you, Gina! :) This was the first time that I ordered from PCP and I am so relieved that they shipped quickly. Hope that you get your cartridge super quickly too! :)


  3. I'm jealous. I preordered create a critter from memorymiser and haven't heard anything about it yet. I want my cart!! (never mind that I haven't done a single thing with the new sweet treats, once upon a princess, or forever young I just got).

  4. well, you know it's never about making anything with the carts, it's about HAVING it in your possession that counts. :P

    I'm always wary of pre-ordering because I've heard so many complains from people who places pre-orders who receive their carts later than those who don't. :( I hope that your cart arrives soon. This is one cartridge that you will love and I am pretty sure that you will not let it sit unused. ;)

  5. Hi Jin,

    Lucky you! I love all of the new cartridges...kind of hard to control yourself! ;) Did you have to join to order from If so, can you cancel after you order? How much were the cartridges & shipping?

    Thank you so much,


  6. Hi Jennifer,

    I had to sign up for a 2-day free trial to order. The carts were on sale for $31.99 each then. I paid $9.xx for shipping the 3 carts. I did not need to cancel the membership. Once the 2 days were over, the website automatically did not allow me to check my account or any prices on the site unless I pay the $9.xx membership fee (which I didn't). :P