Monday, March 1, 2010

A note about the lambie MTC file and an Easter Card

 After my free MTC cut file download offer in my last post for the lambie card base, I received several messages informing me that the file could not be opened. Upon further asking, I realized that some fellow cardmakers were trying to open the file in Cricut Design Studio instead of the Make-the-Cut program. As the file was made in MTC and saved in the .mtc format, it cannot be opened in DS. As MTC has no feature that allows me to save that file as a .cut file, I am also unable to save it in a format that DS can open and read.

So I thought I would try to create a DS version of the cut file using DS. I ended up spending a good chunk of the weekend attempting to do so but unfortunately I was unsuccessful. Without MTC's Shadow-Layer feature in DS, I was unable to recreate a correctly-proportioned card base in the .cut format. A shadow layer cannot be created by just enlarging the size of the original image. Even after I tried different ways of manipulating the image, I just wasn't able to generate a DS cut file that I was satisfied with.  :-(

Defeated, I decided to make a new card instead and came up with this. It is a simple idea and is actually quite easy to make once you have decided on your choice of colors and paper. Although I did use MTC to make the pink shadow layer, you really don't need to do that. A slightly-modified version of this card can be easily made with or without DS using the original shadow layers that came with the cartridge.

I made the decorative border on the purple layer by using DS to weld the floral edge image 
 with a square/rectangle from the George and Basic Shapes cartridge.

The egg is actually the shadow layer of one of the Easter egg images on the cartridge.

Stickles glitter glue was then applied on both the egg and the words to give this basic card a little shine. Glue all the layers down, tie a ribbon and the card is done!

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  1. Loove this..its sooo cute!!By the way I just wanted to let you know I have a BEAUTIFUL BLOGGER AWARD for you on my blog...come check it out! :)