Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Super Sized Princess Card


After making those jumbo Valentine's Day cards yesterday, I was not able to shake off the notion of making more large size cards. By applying the same concept of flipping and welding two shadow images, I came up with this super sized princess card. I used the Once Upon a Princess cartridge and welded the shadows together with Design Studio to get the card base.

It is a big card. The image was cut at 10.5 inches on the 12"x24" mat. I used Stickles to apply some bling to the card. It took some work to get the card base all welded up and I did make some mistakes along the way but I love the end result. I think I'll work on another one of these jumbo cards tomorrow.


  1. They are soooooo cuter. I love your blog. Keep it up

  2. These are Super cute.
    Great idea!!

  3. Can't tell where this is connected. Is it a the hand?

  4. Thanks *BJ*, racinggrandma61, and AndreaA. :)

    Judy B., the front is connected to the back at the hand and at the puffy part of the gown.

  5. Super Sweet! I need to get that cart.

  6. I LOVE it!!!! And I have this cart - but I'm new to this whole thing - and where do you find 12x24 paper in white (or cream)? All I can find is paper packs of colors...

  7. Hi Kara, I had a big sample pad of cardstock that I used for these princess cards but you can buy 12" x24" black and white Cricut paper pad online. Just google "cricut 12x24 paper" and you should find some. Alternatively, you can buy large sheets of paper at Michaels. You can find them at the art supplies aisle where they keep paint brushes and pastel tubes. They are around $2 a sheet.

    Hope that helps.