Monday, February 6, 2012

Love Bites 3D Projects

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Woohoo! I'm on vacation! The twins are turning 9 and we are celebrating by going on a Disney cruise! I will be away for a week but I am not going to leave my blog alone. I have pre-scheduled several posts that will feature some of the new LD sets for Valentine's day AND two of my friends are coming to visit and share their projects. I have seen Gale and Joy's work and I am telling you, they are really really cool! Stick around and you will see why I say that when you see Gale's project on Tuesday and Joy's on Thursday. On Wednesday, I will show you how LD's new Conversations Projects set look like when they are cut and assembled, and on Friday, I will share a card that I've made with yet another new LD set. Lots of projects are scheduled for this week so check back everyday! :-)

Have you seen LD's new Love Bites Collection? It's alligator-themed and includes this super cool 3D project set:

This set includes 5 unique projects: a cupcake wrapper, a pillow box, a note card, a mailbox, AND a purse!

I LOVE the style of the new LD cupcake wrappers! The idea is similar to the wrappers in the Bugaboo and Rootin Tootin Cowboy Party sets- each wrapper in the Love Bites Projects set takes the form of an alligator! I think that they are so much more interesting and fun than the standard wrappers. 

And check out the pillow box alligator! Is that the coolest box or what?! I think those boys in my kids' classes would love this. Too bad none of them getting this one....I'm saving it for me!

File no. 3 is a note card. If you have this set and are attempting to put this card together, make sure that the heart covers the bitten card inside. When the recipient opens her card, she'll notice that the gator has taken a bite of it!

If you know any boys who are tired of the same old Valentine pink-with-hearts-all-over mailboxes, you must make them these gator ones! I thought that the alligator mailbox was easier to assemble than the pillow box but it looks just as cool.

If you have ever made one of LD purses, you will find it easy to put together the last file in this set, the alligator purse. If you have never played with an LD purse, click here to download one and then come back and click HERE to get your alligator purse.

So that's all 5 projects in the Love Bites Projects set. Don't they look super cool? If you have not gotten yours, CLICK HERE to get them now. Don't forget to use the coupon InLove to take 20% of a $20 or more purchase!

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