Sunday, January 3, 2016

Gallery Updated! Over 50 new project photos added!

2015 was a strange year for my blog. As I was going through my folder of projects I realized that even though I made a lot of things with my Silhouette, I did not post them to the blog. I did not even take pictures of many of them! Life got really busy last year after my twins graduated from Elementary School and entered Middle School. Our family schedule became super packed and a lot of my time was spent getting my three kids to various school and after-school activities.

LD's switch to a new user-unfriendly website also put a damper on my blog postings. The moment their new site went live, many of my links broke. I spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to fix my links and I am STILL working on them.

I have added over 50 new photos to my gallery over at A Bunch of Cherries. I say "over 50" because I lost count after that. Besides including the projects that you may have already seen from the blog, I have also added some pictures that I have previously only posted to Facebook or my Instagram page. I had originally intended to post full tutorials on those projects to the blog but I did not managed to do so due to time constraints.

The best way to view my gallery is to treat it as though it is an online coffee table book. Just click on a tile and use the left/right arrow keys on your keyboard to "flip the pages".




  1. Your gallery is so much fun to romp through! Thanks!!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your awesome talent with us!

  3. Jin - Would you be willing to do a reader request for a tutorial? :) I have had the hardest time getting clipart cut right when I try to make stickers on my Silhouette. If there are any white areas in the clipart, it cuts that area too or lines aren't straight or something. I have played around with all the "pass" settings but it never looks right. I'm arranging the clipart in another program and then saving that whole sheet as a png and then opening that in Silhouette because I've found it quicker that way. Maybe that is affecting it too? Anyway, any help you could give would be appreciated!

  4. Wow!What a great collection. Thank you