Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Silhouette Studio Update: v3.4.486

Here we go again...there is another Silhouette Studio update.



From the release notes, it looks like the update is mostly for improving the JPG and PDF support, and for fixing a couple of other bugs.

Click HERE (and scroll down the page) to get Silhouette Studio v3.4.486. {Install at your own risk.}


In other news....

Did y'all catch the HSN/Lori Whitlock (she's so cute!) presentation on the Silhouette Curio on Monday? I missed the show but I was happy to watch it on youtube. You can see the video HERE.

At the time of this post, the HSN Curio special offer has expired. However, the bundle is still available for $249.95.


The Silhouette Curio is also on sale on Amazon for $229.99. However, it does not come bundled with the other stuff that were included in the HSN deal.



  1. Shoot. I missed the five Flex Pays of $45.99, Jin! When did this air? Anyway, are you getting a Curio or do you own one already? I need an enabler. Thanks. :)

    1. I missed it too. :-( It was on 8-9pm EST on Monday. I have been eyeing the Curio and have one in my Amazon cart but I'm still waiting for a good deal. I'm hoping for a better price on Black Friday.

  2. I considered getting the deal but just not sold on it yet. I worry that they will come out with a 12x12 curio right after I buy. I am hoping there will be a special deal on Black Friday.

    1. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a good deal on Black Friday too. I really want to try it out but not unless I can find a great deal on it.

  3. I really don't get what's so exciting about this machine. It's smaller and has the same cutting force as the Cameo, so you still can't cut thicker materials. Aren't there third party tools for embossing on the Cameo? I'm not sure it's worth the price for any additional features it may have. I'd be curious as to what you think of it Jin.

  4. Bought it thru Amazon. Tried for two days to get it do ANYTHING they said it would do. No dice. I'm a software engineer so my frustration with these folks is high already, but good grief. This thing isn't even CLOSE to ready for consumer use. And they are getting alot like the old Cricut folks where you can't use the features without having the machines plugged in??? What's that about? What if you want to sit on your couch and work? What if you don't have the table real estate to leave it there all the time?? It's getting nuts over there. Combined with the machine being generally junk and I'm waiting to hear from folks who try it. It's going to get very interesting.