Friday, June 11, 2010

No resolve

I spent all week telling myself that I do not need another cartridge. Or 24 Lite ones and definitely not from Wallymart. But because I have no resolve, I am now sitting here looking at this:

Isn't it beautiful? It better be as it is the first time I have ever spent full price on a cartridge. Plus 9.2% tax.


I'm a little bit disgusted with myself for being such a weakling but look, it comes with a font too. That's not so bad for $39.00 + tax, right?

I am supposed to be spending this weekend making the teacher's gift but I guess that'll have to wait. Mommy has to play with her new toy first.

If you use Cricut Design Studio and have not updated your program to include the images for the new Lite cartridges, you can download the update at
Do not uninstall Design Studio. Just click on the second "Download" button and run the downloaded file to update CDS to include the 24 Lite Cartridges.

To see the images that each cartridge contains, you can also go to the Cricut website at:

Click on the cartridge to view details of the contents.


  1. I did the exact same thing today..telling myself not to...I went to walmart and bought 2 of the lite carts, i love the boxes of these too :) I got Hoot n Holler and Dude...I just had to. Ive been playing too :) have fun :)

  2. Oh Gina, I would have loved to see the two you bought in person. The Walmart that I went to had a VERY limited selection. Carousel was the only one that I really wanted so I thought I was pretty lucky to see it in the store. Have fun with your new toys! :)

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