Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Greetings from a Baby Chick

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This is a card that I first prepared on Design Studio. The chick, grass, eggs, and greeting are from the Easter Seasonal cartridge while the sign is from SongBird. I did apply flocking to the chick.

 I think I took a longer time selecting the actual patterned/colored cardstock than I did making the DS file. My limited drawing skills also messed up the sign post. I tried drawing in some wood grain with those squiggly lines but no one I showed the card to could tell what those lines were for. Grrrr. 

Oh well, guess I'd better stick to cutting.

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  1. Hi Jin! Just linked up to your blog thru the cricut message board and am lovin' all that you have created and shared here! I recently got MTC too, and like you, am having a great time with it. This chickee is so cute...and your lambie and polar bear! Love all your creations...keep them coming!